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Customized In-House Training Courses

In order for an organization to be effective it needs the right blend of appropriate skills, knowledge, attitude and capacity to express ideas clearly. Most employers agree that their future prosperity depends on the energy, flexibility and creativity of a well trained work force that is knowledgeable, innovative, efficient and dedicated to quality. Increasingly, however, these same employers are concerned that securing the quality and quantity of technical and personal development training required to build and maintain that work force is the greatest challenge of all.

 We at IQS, develop in-house customized training programs based on YOUR organizations’ specific needs.  Our interactive approach incorporating work related situations and experiences helps YOUR people to learn by doing. We stress the experiential learning that builds confidence in the skills and techniques being taught. When a high level of confidence in these skills is reached, participants are more willing to transfer what they have learned to their jobs.

In most organizations, training supports corporate strategic goals, new services, products or technologies. IQS works with you to develop the course objectives, projected outcomes and measurements to determine success.  We carefully identify the specific needs of each target population within your organization to ensure the training provided is appropriate, timely and consistent with the organizations’ overall business goals. We analyze custom learning content needs, determine the method of delivery, design the content, develop the materials and deliver the training.


IQS customized in-house training profits you by:

  • Saving time (by minimizing employee out-of-office time)

  • Being convenient (we work around your schedule and hold courses when it’s convenient for you)

  • Targeting training that is specific

  • Saving money (no costly staff travel, food or lodging expenses)

  • Allowing you to remain competitive by updating your staff’s knowledge and skills

  • Stimulating teamwork as learning together creates a cooperative environment and everyone learns the same instruction and approach for improved consistency

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