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Our work experiences are a result of the management system that guides what we do.   Lean focuses on efficiency through the minimization of waste and errors and delay. Six Sigma, focuses on quality and consistency. Six Sigma is a methodology that utilizes statistical tools and concepts to identify variations or defects in a process. Lean/Six Sigma focuses on the management system, including leadership, expectations, tools, visual controls and exercises.

Lean/Six Sigma management is a journey. It can be applied to any market sector. This course introduces professionals to the basic framework, skills and tools of Lean/Six Sigma. You’ll learn how Lean/Six Sigma can be used to establish efficient processes, while delivering consistent levels of customer quality.

This course will:

  • Upskill your knowledge of Lean Thinking, Lean and the Lean Six Sigma business methodologies, which have underpinned the success of companies such as Toyota.

  • Build your problem-solving capabilities and develop the thinking required to drive improvements in every process

  • Learn about some of the key benefits Lean can offer to businesses and how to use the approach to drive bottom-line improvements

  • Introduce the tools necessary for an effective 6 Sigma/Lean Program

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