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What is change?  IQS, Inc. defines it as the altering of one’s way of life.  It may result because of a merger or acquisition, new product or service, new leader, trading an old job for a new one, a new way of doing things, social pressures or lifestyles modifications.  If change is a constant to our environment, one other thing usually remains constant as well, and that is that change can cause stress.  Stress is the hot word these days, as most people will agree we live in stressful times.  This course will provide some essential concepts and skills to help you cope with stress as a result of change. 


We will focus on:

  • The three key drivers of change

  • Understanding the change process

  • How change causes anxiety and stress

  • The common mistakes that add to stress

  • Strategies for Maintaining your energy, productivity and motivation

  • How to align yourself with reasons for change

  • Strategies to Cope with Stress

  • Developing a stress survival plan to reduce stress that you create for yourself.

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