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This program enhances your abilities to coach on a day-to-day basis rather than on a quarterly, semi annual or annual basis.  It provides the essential information and skills needed to excel in interactions with employees and peers.   This program encourages you to improve your knowledge and skills by integrating your work related situations into the workshop.  Our goal is to build greater personal skill and confidence in your abilities to provide coaching by focusing on:

  • Effectively Communicating Observations

  • Using and Communicating positive reinforcement

  • Managing and guiding the performance of others

  • Clarifying quality as it relates to goals, projects, and assignments

  • Identifying and Applying Key Performance Factors

  • Developing a General Coaching Guideline

  • Using different types of  Coaching Discussions

  • Solving Problems of motivation

  • Using Listening Skills

  • Effectively Using Questions

  • And Identifying ‘Blocks’ to coaching

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