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In the world of work, we are constantly being judged by others---our customers judge us on our service, our team members on our teamwork, and our bosses on our performance.  An ability to cope with criticism is an important part of our ability to succeed.  However, not all criticism is appropriate or helpful.  Because we listen to the criticism of others, does not mean we have to accept the criticism.  Because we listen to their suggestions, does not mean we have to take their suggestions.


This course will focus on:

  • Do’s and Don’ts of criticism

  • Reactions to Criticism

  • Good News, Bad News

  • Facets of Criticism

  • Owning Up to the Facts

  • Clarifying what the other person wants

  • Guidelines for Feedback

  • Factors which influence how we receive criticism

  • Coping Techniques

  • Giving Constructive Criticism

  • Common Tricky Tactics

  • Working it out

  • Changing One’s Behavior

  • Changing your perspective

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