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IQS is a privately held S Corporation.  It is headed by the two principles, Mr. Richard K. Vesely and Sharon K. Vesely, PhD., and is guided by a Board of Directors.  The management and alignment of our customer-driven processes, with the resources and future requirements is achieved by a senior leadership structure that consists of an Integrated Program Management Team (IPMT). This team takes our interrelated processes and multiple value streams and leverages our activities to produce a lean organization.  The IPMT in turn assigns a manager for each client, who then assembles the proper team. The team, working in partnership with the client, is accountable for ensuring the client’s needs, expectations and requirements are fulfilled.


Currently our full time staff consists of a team that includes RAB certified ISO9000:2015 Lead Auditors, AS9100 Rev D Lead Auditor, Certified Six Sigma Black Belt, Two Board of Examiner Members for the National Baldrige Quality Award, Members on the Board of Examiners for the State of Tennessee Quality Award, Examiners for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, The US Army Centurion Board of Examiners, members of The American Society of Training and Development, Professionally certified instructors and interpreters of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and members of the Association of Psychological Type. Additionally, contracted specialized consultants augment our team when necessary and appropriate.

Got something to add to our team?

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