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IQS has segmented our customer groups into several segments that include: Manufacturing, Aerospace, Electronics, Defense, and Service Organizations, Education, Government and Military, and Health Care.

Segment requirements include:


Space, aerospace, military, defense applications, performance in corrosive environments, health care


Cost, Return on Investment, Expertise and Understanding of Technology, Certifications ISO9000:2015, AS9100 Rev D, CMM and CMMI


Cost, Understanding of the difference between Product, Customers and Stakeholders, Expertise

 ​Health Care:

Cost, ROI, Expertise, Understanding of Patient Care Systems and Health Systems


Flight safety, AS9100D, AS9104, AS9101 Rev F, AS9102


Cost, Return on Investment, Understanding of Service Processes and People Orientation ISO 9000:2015, CMM and CMMI, ITIL

 ​Government (State and Federal):

Cost, Expertise, Appreciation of governmental Relationships and Interactions, Systems Understanding, Efficiency and Effectiveness in government contracting


DoD requirements, Mil-Q-Specs, Cost, AS 9100 Rev D

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