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IQS helps organizations achieve THIER VISION by acting as mentors and coaches to our clients. We assist in building a foundation for operational excellence through our products and/or services (assessments, consulting, culture change, communication, and training).


IQS is a learning organization of successful people from different fields, who by working behind the scenes, help create innovative solutions to the challenges of today’s managers.  Our people make IQS an exceptional place to work.  We actively use external and internal data, information and knowledge to help you continuously improve. Our cultural values were formed on the basis of our vision and mission and incorporate integrity, respect for the individual, accountability, teamwork, innovation, and continual improvement. We strive to foster a self-critical culture that encourages all employees to report problems and precursors through our corrective action program.

image of rowers in a crew shell

Who we are and what we do

IQS presents full consulting, training, and assessment services that enhance an organization’s current management system or helps to establish a new management system.


We work with your people to enable continued progress and growth. We are proud of the personal approach we take with each of our clients; this allows us to exceed customer expectations, needs and requirements.

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